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Unique Items
Set Items
Cube Recipes

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Nauthis' Fidelity
Druid Manacle
Nauthis' Diuturnal Pelage
Nauthis' Ensanguined Graze
Nauthis' Ambuscade
Nauthis' Virulence

Full Set Bonus:
With 3 or more set items:
+3 to Lycanthropy (Druid Only)
+3 to Summon Grizzly (Druid Only)
With 4 or more set items:
+3 to Werewolf (Druid Only)
+4 to Fury (Druid Only)
With Complete Set:
+300% Enhanced damage
+50% Increased Attack Speed
+5 to Evade
+3 to Oak Sage (Druid Only)
+5 to Dodge
Cold Absorb 15%
Lightning Absorb 15%
Fire Absorb 15%

Druid Manacle
Required Level: 225
+(1 to 2) to Summoning Skills (Druid Only)
+(2 to 3) to Druid Skills
+(60 to 80)% Enhanced damage
5% Mana stolen per hit
+20 to all Attributes
Replenish Life +100

Nauthis' Diuturnal Pelage
Chained-Steel Mackinaw
Defense: (5178-7807)
Durability: 192
Required Strength: 178
Required Level: 225
+2 to Druid Skills
+45% Faster Hit Recovery
+(350 to 375)% Enhanced Defense
+(1.5 per level)% Enhanced Defense (Based on Character Level)
All Resistances +45
Damage Reduced by 30%
Increase Maximum Durability 500%

Nauthis' Ensanguined Graze
Seethe Fang Gloves
Defense: (104-117)
Durability: 16
Required Strength: 195
Required Level: 210
15% Chance of Open Wounds
+3 to Feral Rage (Druid Only)
+30 to Dexterity
Requirements +15%

Nauthis' Ambuscade
Colossus Crossbow
Two-Hand Damage: (273-284) to (519-540)
Required Strength: 212
Required Dexterity: 100
Required Level: 220
1% Chance to cast level 5 Life Tap on attack
+(285 to 300)% Enhanced damage
+90% Increased Attack Speed
85% Bonus to Attack Rating
With 4 or more set items:
75% Chance of Crushing Blow

Nauthis' Virulence
Blood Spirit
Defense: (672-1020)
Durability: 20
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 138
Required Level: 205
+3 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
10% Life stolen per hit
+5 to Rabies (Druid Only)
+(280 to 300)% Enhanced Defense
With 3 or more set items:
+50% Faster Run/Walk