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Unique Items
Set Items
Cube Recipes

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Sander's Folly
Sander's Superstition
Sander's Taboo
Sander's Riprap
Sander's Paragon

Full Set Bonus:
With 2 or more set items:
+50 Defense
With 3 or more set items:
+75 to Attack Rating
With Complete Set:
+1 to All Skills
4% Life stolen per hit
+50 to Mana
50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Sander's Superstition
Bone Wand
One-Hand Damage: 7 to 19
Durability: 20
Required Level: 25
+75% Enhanced damage
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Adds 25-75 cold damage
8% Mana stolen per hit
+25 to Mana

Sander's Taboo
Silk Handwraps
Defense: (29-35)
Durability: 14
Required Level: 28
+20% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 9-11 poison damage over 3 seconds
+(20 to 25) Defense
+40 to Life

Sander's Riprap
Curscale Boots
Kick Damage: 4 to 10
Defense: (9-10)
Durability: 14
Required Strength: 29
Required Level: 20
+40% Faster Run/Walk
+100 to Attack Rating
+5 to Strength
+10 to Dexterity

Sander's Paragon
Bristle Silk Cap
Defense: (30-309)
Durability: 12
Required Level: 25
+(1 per level) Defense (Based on Character Level)
Attacker Takes Damage of 8
35% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items