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Unique Items
Set Items
Cube Recipes

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Heaven's Brethren
Ondal's Almighty
Haemosu's Adamant
Taebaek's Glory
Dangoon's Teaching

Full Set Bonus:
With 2 or more set items:
Heal Stamina Plus 50%
With 3 or more set items:
Replenish Life +20
With Complete Set:
+30 fire damage
With Complete Set:
+2 to All Skills
All Resistances +50
Cannot Be Frozen
+5 to Light Radius

Ondal's Almighty
Endless Pinnacle
Defense: (250-330)
Durability: 40
Required Strength: 184
Required Level: 94
10% Chance to cast level 3 Weaken on striking
+24% Faster Hit Recovery
+50 Defense
+10 to Strength
+15 to Dexterity
Requirements -40%

Haemosu's Adamant
Weal Armor
Defense: (830-855)
Durability: 50
Required Strength: 83
Required Level: 44
+500 Defense
+40 Defense vs. Melee
+35 Defense vs. Missile
+75 to Life
Requirements -20%

Taebaek's Glory
Boneshield Aegis
Smite Damage: 11 to 35
Defense: (319-349)
Durability: 100
Required Strength: 296
Required Level: 101
+30% Faster Block Rate
25% Increased Chance of Blocking
+50 Defense
+100 to Mana
Lightning Resist +30%
Attacker Takes Damage of 30

Dangoon's Teaching
Reinforced Mace
One-Hand Damage: 61 to (185-523)
Durability: 78
Required Strength: 189
Required Dexterity: 60
Required Level: 75
10% Chance to cast level 3 Frost Nova on striking
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+(1.5 per level) to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
Adds 20-30 fire damage